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Although outboard engines and PWCs may come to mind first when one hears the name Yamaha, this company also has a boat-building division that’s dedicated to one thing: building jet-powered runabouts. In fact, Yamaha is the best-selling brand of jet-boat in the country. A dozen boats up to 24’ make up the Yamaha line, with a mix of runabout and watersports-oriented models. At the 2013 Miami International Boat Show Yamaha won an NMMA Innovation Award for the development of their Thrust Directional Enhancement feature, which improves control at slow speeds; used boat buyers should be aware that in some older jet boat models wandering at slow speeds was regularly an issue, which this new feature addresses. And although these are jet boats, Yamaha encourages boaters to compare them against prop-driven runabouts. Reduced draft and the elimination of propeller dangers are the most obvious advantages, but in many cases, the Yamaha jet boats are also less expensive than comparable propeller-drive runabouts.

2013 Yamaha Waverunner FX SHO

£14,999 (Listed price: US$24,817)

Linwood,United Kingdom

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Cruiser® Seat: ?
Adjustable Tilt Steering: ?
Command Link Instrumentation Buttons: ?
Cruise Assist: ?
No Wake Mode™: ?
Mechanical Neutral: ?
Reverse: with Traction Control
Quick Shift Trim System: ?
Yamaha Engine Management System**: ?
Reboarding Step: ?
Multifunction Instrumentation Panel: ?
Analog Meter: ?
Digital Meter: ?
Air Temperature Display: ?
Water Temperature Display: ?
Fuel Consumption Display: ?
Compass: ?
Dual Mirrors: ?
Watertight Storage: ?
Fast Access Stern Storage: ?
Pull-up Cleats: ?
Tow Hook: ?
Security Mode: ?
Remote Transmitter: ?
Dual Cupholders in Glovebox: ?
Beverage Holder: ?
  **Yamaha Engine Management System (YEMS) An integrated, computerized management system that controls and adjusts such functions as ignition timing, fuel injection mapping and engine diagnostics.

Boat Details
Fuel Gas/PetrolHull Material Fiberglass 
Beam 1.22 mDry Weight 386.91 kg 
Max Seating Capacity 3Engine Model 4-Cylinder, 4-Stroke 
Fuel Capacity 68.14 lNumber of Engines 1 
For Sale by

East Fulton, Darluith Road
United Kingdom

Fax:  +44 (0)1505 331848


La société offre les informations relatives à ce navire de bonne foi mais n'est pas en mesure de garantir l'exactitude de ces informations ni l'état du navire. Il revient à l'acheteur d'instruire ses agents ou ses experts afin de vérifier et de faire valider les informations de son choix. Ce navire est offert sous réserve d'une vente préalable

Manufacturer Provided Description

Full-featured, comfortable and roomy, the FX Cruiser SHO provides an improved riding experience aboard a bold and revolutionary  platform. The remarkably lightweight NanoXcel hull is now longer, offering better handling to deliver the most stable ride in the industry, while an instantly-activated mechanical neutral enables this craft to start in place and ease around the dock. Everyone aboard will enjoy spectacular views of the water thanks to the first true three-person Cruiser seat delivering the industry’s only theater-style seating. The perfect 3-passenger luxury riding experience, period.



  • New hull and deck design that’s long, stable and comfortable.
  • Maximized comfort for driver and passengers.
  • New “theater” seating for Cruiser® models.
  • New mechanical neutral for starting in place.
  • New “command link” instrumentation buttons on dash.
  • New fast access stern storage area for wet items and tow ropes.
  • Large stern reboarding area.

The big news in the personal watercraft industry for 2012 is the complete redesign of the feature-rich Yamaha FX Series. Led by the flagship FX Cruiser SHO, the industry’s best-selling luxury-performance model ever, the new FX line has been reimagined from the hull up to deliver the utmost comfort, convenience, storage capacity, towing ability, and unadulterated fun. 

The new FX models are 7.5 inches longer than previous year models to offer a longer, more comfortable seat when riding with multiple passengers without any compromises to performance and handling when riding solo.

Adding to the comfort of this new two-piece seat is an additional bolster support to provide more comfort for the second passenger. Also new is watertight storage under the rear section of the seat. Combined with the watertight helm storage, FX models now feature two watertight storage areas.

But that is only the beginning. The new FX Series introduces a number of industry leading innovations that include an easy to use mechanical neutral, command link instrumentation buttons on the dash, and a fast access wet storage compartment located at the stern of the craft.  These new features are exclusive to Yamaha and the FX Series.


New NanoXcel® Hulls and Decks

The styling of the new FX Series is a combination of symmetry, balance and sleek flow made possible by Yamaha’s exclusive closed molded process that creates smooth, exact parts every time. There are no ribs or structural inconsistencies that show through the finished product.

All FX models feature Yamaha’s exclusive NanoXcel hull, deck, and liner material that significantly reduces overall weight, increases strength, and improves fuel economy.

In addition to the longer deck, the hull features a full keel for excellent straight-line tracking and comes with full-length outside chines for better stability in turns, particularly with multiple riders onboard.

At the stern of the craft is a larger, deeper reboarding step with multiple grab handles added.  The FX line receives the industry’s first and only stern wet storage compartment just below the tow eye. There is no need to unhook the towline when taking a break from towing and there is now a convenient place to store the line.

All New Driver Experience with Enhanced Cockpit Ergonomics

The 2012 FX® Series features a true neutral gear that is mechanical and enables the watercraft to be started in neutral to stay motionless in the water with the engine running. Integrated into a newly-designed reverse handle, this system offers more control when docking and loading on a trailer.

The dash of the FX Series now includes multifunction instrumentation controls and mode buttons in easy-to-reach locations. Added to the cockpit is a spacious glove box for smaller items and watertight storage for cellphones, keys, and wallets, along with tilt steering and Yamaha’s exclusive Quick Shift Trim System, which can easily adjust the trim angle of the jet nozzle.


The Yamaha SHO and HO Marine Engine

The heart of the Yamaha FX Series is the Yamaha 1.8L marine engine that is the largest displacement motor in the industry. The Yamaha SHO models feature the 1.8-liter Yamaha Super High Output marine engine with a supercharger and intercooler for increased performance. The Yamaha HO model