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    Boat Transport and Shipping


    Maybe youve moved cross-country, maybe you purchased a boat from afar, or maybe you just want to splurge and ship your boat to a distant location so you have it on a special vacation. Whatever the rea …Read More

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    Sailing Terms: Sailboat Types, Rigs, Uses, and Definitions

    Carol Cronin

    The term "sailboat" includes many different sizes, shapes, and hull types. Here's how to identify most of the common ones. …Read More

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    Motorboat Terms: Different Powerboat Types, Uses, and Definitions

    Gary Reich

    There are many different kinds of motorboats, each with their own specific traits and designs. Learn all about powerboats right here. …Read More

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    Selling Your Boat: Closing Paperwork

    Rupert Holmes

    There are a few forms that need to be filled out and submitted. Then the handshake – and it’s off to enjoy your next boat. …Read More

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    How to Sell a Boat

    Rupert Holmes

    A guide to selling your boat with an overview of the sales process …Read More

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    Boat Valuations: How to Price Your Boat for Sale


    Establishing the right starting price for your boat is essential …Read More

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    Buying a Boat: First-Time Buyer's Guide

    Rupert Holmes

    So you want to buy a boat? Exactly how should you proceed? This guide tells you all you need to know. …Read More

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